Three Apps for Chocolate Lovers

ChocolatesGuest Post by Ashley Cranston

Chocolates are often associated with love and happiness. That’s because chocolate contains a chemical called phenethylamine, which is the same substance that the body releases when a person falls in love. Chocolates also contain dopamine, which is a natural painkiller, and serotonin that helps the body release chemicals associated with feelings of pleasure.

Thanks to the digital age, mobile apps were developed to help people find various kinds of chocolates. There are even companies that give away chocolates to users who would participate in gimmicks. One time, Shopmium offered free Lindt chocolate samples to its newly-registered users. Conversely, mobile gaming hub Pocket Fruity gave chocolate prizes to users during its Valentine’s Day and Christmas promos. With literally hundreds of chocolate-related apps to download, people would never run miss out on cool promos, free samples, or new products created by their favorite chocolate brands!

iChocolate  (iOS, $0.99)

iChocolate is a recipe recipe app that not only offers chocolate desserts but savory chocolate main dishes as well. It also provides vital tips on how to cook chocolate perfectly, and a built-in ingredient conversion measurement chart.

World Chocolate Guide (iOS, Android, Free)

The World Chocolate Guide lets users find the best chocolates shops near them, and around the world. Users can also filter their search by shop features like if a shop sells cakes, pastries, or hot chocolate. It also features detailed description of each shop, photo galleries, and customer ratings.

The Chocolate App (Android, Free)

This app is developed by Philadelphia Candies, a company that has been manufacturing the finest milk and dark chocolates since 1919. In it, users can browse the company’s finest selections of boxed chocolates, specialty chocolates, and gifts for every occasion. Users can even order through their Android-powered smartphone, and checkout with PayPal. The Chocolate App ships to customers all over the world.

Ashley is a self-confessed foodie. She loves trying out new restaurants and admits that she doesn’t go out of the house without a snack or two in her bag. She loves watching the food channel and feeding new dishes to her two little boys.

Jones Soda’s Love Potion #6 – Available Customized!

I want to share something pretty cool with you.  If you didn’t know already, Jones Soda, through their myJones store, will customize a case of soda for you, and if your loved one loves them some Jones, what’s better than some Love Potion #6 for Valentine’s Day?  If you’re sweating getting your honey a gift since it IS just two weeks away, check this out as an option.

I love this idea because it’s customized and it’s appropriate for either a male or female loved one – as long as their love for Jones is as strong as their love for you, that is.  Jones can be an acquired taste for some since it’s a pure cane soda – that means they don’t use things like high fructose corn syrup to sweeten it, just sugar.  I know anyone who prefers the Coca-Cola still bottled in Mexico that uses sugar over the stuff bottled here in the US will appreciate this for sure.

You can upload your own photograph and all bottles in the case will have the same photo.  You can submit either a black and white photo (which I think as a certain charm to it, given the bright color of the soda) or color.  The price isn’t too shabby either – $29.99 + shipping will get you 12 custom bottles, a Jones Soda poster, and a Love Potion #6 flavored lip balm.  Forgetting the value of the poster and the lip balm, that’s about $2.50 per bottle, which is about what you’d pay buying a single bottle from your local corner store.  Except, nowhere near as cool.

I’m diggin’ the idea, and may just pick some up a case to give a bottle or two to some friends here and there as my own valentine card.  So if a whole case seems like too much to give to one person, feel free to steal my idea and share them with friends.  This isn’t just a Valentine’s Day offer, either.  While this flavor is a limited item, they also offer LOLCats on Jones Soda for a limited time and year-round customized cases through the Jones Soda Store.  It’s a great idea that’s one of a kind, so check it out and give it a try 🙂