Restaurant Review: Tivoli Gardens in Reno, NV

Tivoli Gardens

Eldorado Hotel Casino
345 N Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89501
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This is a solid 24 hour cafe in a casino. I’ve been to a number and this one gets my vote. The french toast I was served for breakfast was thick and they did not skimp on letting the egg batter soak in before cooking, like you’re supposed to! The sausage was thick and good, though the casing was a bit tough (had to use a knife, the fork alone was not doing it).

Our server was very pleasant and we were served quicker than I’d anticipated. It’s very conveniently located near the hotel elevators for late night munchies as well. I didn’t sample the desserts since we had breakfast there, but I have to say I missed out by the looks of things in the case as we paid the check. I’d happily go there again when staying at the Eldorado (or even the connected Silver Legacy) for some any time grub.

Restaurant Review: Pascucci in Santa Barbara, CA


729 State St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101





A co-worker and I are in town for a conference and decided to try this place for dinner. I had high hopes when walking in. The restaurant was packed to the gills on a Sunday night. We were seated directly in a corner, which was actually good for me because it means my poor hearing will focus better on my conversation. The waiter showed up fairly quickly to take our drink orders, and excitedly suggested his favorites when we asked for recommendations. He then gave us a few minutes to decide, but not too long.

That’s nearly where my satisfaction ended. Service getting just water was really slow, and I had to ask about where my wine was before it was brought to me. I had the Chicken Picatta, hold the capers, and it was good, but the twang of the lime in the white wine-lime-caper sauce was a bit stronger than I’d anticipated. It was definitely a good sized portion for it’s $14 bounty, and that I was pretty satisfied with.

One of the reasons we picked this restaurant was a description of their creme brûlée with raspberries, and being a creme brûlée buff, I was looking forward to it the whole meal. It was hands down the worst creme brûlée I’ve ever had. It was runny and dripped, which it shouldn’t do. It wasn’t as set as a custard should be – it wasn’t even as set as a pudding or yogurt. The raspberries were good, but you can’t screw that up.

My co-worker had their butternut squash ravioli. The cinnamon in the dish was very fragrant, but she liked it. She ordered the cheesecake with home made butterscotch sauce, which also sounded delectable. The cheesecake itself was good but the sauce was cold and congealed to a weird, gross consistency.

So, all that said, I’d go there again, expect to tip modestly for mediocre service, and save my dessert appetite for the Ben & Jerry’s shop around the corner inside the Paseo Nuevo shopping center.

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Restaurant Review: The Crown in Danville, CA

The Crown

331 Hartz Ave.
Danville, CA 94526





This is my kind of dance club.

Clearly, this isn’t a dance club… and that’s pretty much my point. I enjoyed the food the couple of times I ate here and I went in a couple times for the DJ on Saturday nights and danced. I like that it’s not super crowded, and the DJ they have plays a pretty good mix of some current music and some old favorites. And it’s not pumping techno and I don’t have to squeeze my ass through a sea of people to get to my friends.

As well, I LOVE that they still have all the seats and such available after dinner service during the dancing so I can easily still have a home base for my coat, drink, and take a breather when I don’t feel like dancing.

As for the food, because that’s probably why most of you are going there… it was solid. Good quality, impressive portions, fair prices. I’ve had the fish & chips… and let me tell you, if you’re expecting a few fish portions you’re going to be surprised. It was one gigantic fish fillet battered deliciously… literally about 3″ wide at it’s widest and 9-10″ long. Huge and delicious.

I like the clientele, pretty low key, and I never had any issues with the bartenders knowing what to recommend or knowing how to make a drink I ordered (which happens more than I’d like when trying to order some drinks I used to think were pretty common).

The biggest downside of this place for me is that it’s in Danville… and I live in San Leandro… I’d pretty much have to get someone else to drive me to really have some drinks & have a good time because that long of a cab ride is out of the question 🙂

Restaurant Review: Rothmann’s Steakhouse in New York, NY

Rothmann’s Steakhouse

3 E. 54th St.
New York, NY 10022





The best steak I’ve ever had – no joke. I was lucky enough to be taken here by my company while in town for a conference. We were seated in the back room due to being a large party and I loved the atmosphere and food.

The servers were incredibly knowledgeable when making recommendations and quick with the drink refills, more bottles of wine, etc. And the food was delicious – seriously, I dream about this steak!

I had the Filet Mignon with some potatoes, I believe, and it was perfect. We were sharing the sides and I seriously could have eaten the whole thing myself. So good. I’d love to go back… if I can just convince my boss… 🙂