Restaurant Review: Tivoli Gardens in Reno, NV

Tivoli Gardens

Eldorado Hotel Casino
345 N Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89501
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This is a solid 24 hour cafe in a casino. I’ve been to a number and this one gets my vote. The french toast I was served for breakfast was thick and they did not skimp on letting the egg batter soak in before cooking, like you’re supposed to! The sausage was thick and good, though the casing was a bit tough (had to use a knife, the fork alone was not doing it).

Our server was very pleasant and we were served quicker than I’d anticipated. It’s very conveniently located near the hotel elevators for late night munchies as well. I didn’t sample the desserts since we had breakfast there, but I have to say I missed out by the looks of things in the case as we paid the check. I’d happily go there again when staying at the Eldorado (or even the connected Silver Legacy) for some any time grub.

Restaurant Review: Rodz Grill in Angel’s Camp, CA

Rodz Grill

730 S. Main St.
Angel’s Camp, CA 95222





Solid food, pretty good quality, friendly service, good prices. All of that warrants 3 stars easily.

I can’t give it more than that, in fairness, as I’m not a regular and wasn’t really blown away by anything here. I do appreciate that they have a “ground beef steak” and eggs meal, which I love and don’t get enough, and everything was cooked well. The hash browns were impressive though as they were the perfect balance between crispy and soft.

Will I go there again? Yes, I would. And probably will since it’s next door to the motel I’m staying at on this trip. It was quality food and I’d be happy to give them more chances to wow me on future trips to Angels Camp.

Restaurant Review: Camps Restaurant in Angel’s Camp, CA

Camps Restaurant

676 McCauley Ranch Rd.
Angel’s Camp, CA 95222




Off the beaten path, but delicious! After frustratedly being unable to find the restaurant we were looking for in old town Angels Camp, I remembered seeing this place in our motel’s visitors guide and looked up directions on my phone. As we drove down the long, dark expanse that Angel Oak Dr. and then McCauley Ranch Rd. we were beginning to think Google Maps didn’t know where we were going again. But then we found it.

For a Saturday night it was active, but by no means crowded. We were seated right away. We’d decided against a different restaurant that boasted live music on Saturdays because I had a headache, so at first I was leary of seeing the live keyboard and sax players, but we were sat in a back corner of the restaurant far enough away from the speakers that it was still clearly audible but their jazz stylin’ was pleasurable as my headache subsided (thank you Excedrin Migraine!)

Anyway, the outlook was dicey at first… we didn’t see a waitress for 10-15 minutes, and when she did come over she went to a table that had been seated after us before us. Once she came over and we aired that we were a bit miffed at that, she apologized and the evening was delightful from there out.

We ordered the tempura battered asparagus appetizer, the hubs ordered prime rib, and I ordered fettuccine Alfredo. Delicious! We were pretty certain that the batter on the asparagus was not a true tempura batter at all and more of maybe a beer batter, but it was still good. The hubs liked the chili sauce they were served with and I was happy with the lemon aioli.

The hubs reported that his prime rib was perfect, and my pasta was perfect as well. I loved the bits of asparagus in the pasta and that the chicken in it was seasoned simply and didn’t overpower the light sauce and didn’t seem like an afterthought.

The little bread they brought to the table was cheesy and lightly garlicky, which I appreciate not being slapped in the face with garlic, and our desserts were good, but a little different. The bread pudding seemed to be closer to a cinnamon french toast – good in it’s own right, to be sure, but not exactly what the hubs was expecting. My vanilla creme brulee had a somewhat odd texture – almost more whipped than custard. If I had to hazard a guess I think it might have been made just with egg whites and not the yolks too, but the flavor was good. The bruleed sugar on top was a bit thick and a bit dark, but not burned.

The quality of the food was great, we’d go again when in this area, and it definitely made up for the lackluster lunch we had!