Restaurant Review: The Crown in Danville, CA

The Crown

331 Hartz Ave.
Danville, CA 94526





This is my kind of dance club.

Clearly, this isn’t a dance club… and that’s pretty much my point. I enjoyed the food the couple of times I ate here and I went in a couple times for the DJ on Saturday nights and danced. I like that it’s not super crowded, and the DJ they have plays a pretty good mix of some current music and some old favorites. And it’s not pumping techno and I don’t have to squeeze my ass through a sea of people to get to my friends.

As well, I LOVE that they still have all the seats and such available after dinner service during the dancing so I can easily still have a home base for my coat, drink, and take a breather when I don’t feel like dancing.

As for the food, because that’s probably why most of you are going there… it was solid. Good quality, impressive portions, fair prices. I’ve had the fish & chips… and let me tell you, if you’re expecting a few fish portions you’re going to be surprised. It was one gigantic fish fillet battered deliciously… literally about 3″ wide at it’s widest and 9-10″ long. Huge and delicious.

I like the clientele, pretty low key, and I never had any issues with the bartenders knowing what to recommend or knowing how to make a drink I ordered (which happens more than I’d like when trying to order some drinks I used to think were pretty common).

The biggest downside of this place for me is that it’s in Danville… and I live in San Leandro… I’d pretty much have to get someone else to drive me to really have some drinks & have a good time because that long of a cab ride is out of the question 🙂