Japanese Goodies Shipped Direct

Asian Food Grocer Snack PackI have to tell you, I LOVE me some Pocky.  Luckily I live in a really diverse area where they’re actually sold at grocery stores like Lucky and Safeway.  When I was younger the only place I could get things like Pocky and Yan-Yan was a little corner store near my house run by some nice Phillipino people.  Otherwise I would have had to go into Chinatown in Oakland.

So I realize that this is something that some people may not be familiar with if you don’t live in such an ethnically diverse area as myself.  So Asian Food Grocer will now ship them directly to you.  You can get these goodies shipped right to you.  This is a packet of various Japanese goodies for $15.99.  I admit that I’d be skeptical to purchase any candy that doesn’t have English on the packaging (only because I can’t otherwise know what flavor to expect), but I can personally vouch for Pocky.  It’s basically a thin breadstick dipped in chocolate.  And they also have the kind that has nuts in the chocolate.  I’ve heaed the Hello Kitty pies are good, but never personally had one.  Check it out and try something new for a change 🙂