Sweet & Hearty Chili

Submitted by TheRob


1 lb ground sirloin 1 lb ground beef
½ lb thick cut bacon 1 pkg mild or hot chili season mix
1 pkg Original Chili season mix 1-16 oz can Red Beans (or chili beans)
2-16 oz cans Seasoned Diced tomato sauce salt & pepper
paprika chipotle hot sauce (optional)
hot sauce ¼ c. sugar
¼ c. dark brown sugar


  1. Add red beans & tomatoes to a large pot. Set to low. Brown ground sirloin in a skillet on medium-high. Add salt & pepper to season. Just a little bit, be sensible.
  2. Now is the good part. Take a couple of pinches of your sugar & add to the browning sirloin. Do the same with the brown sugar. If there is a good amount of fat/grease, drain. Leave a little to help with the chili mix.
  3. Add the Original Chili season mix to the ground sirloin. Add to the pot with red beans & tomatoes.
  4. In a skillet, brown the ground beef. Once again add salt & pepper, pinches of brown & regular sugar.
  5. Take chipotle hot sauce & regular hot sauce & add a couple of shakes around the browning beef. (How much you add here determines the real hotness of the chili. None to little for just a sweet & mild chili or more for sweet & hot, & a good amount like me for the real sweet & fire in your mouth!!)
  6. Keep the fat/grease & add to pot with red beans, tomatoes, & ground sirloin. Add mild/hot chili seasoning. Slice the bacon into smaller bite sized pieces.
  7. In skillet take the thick sliced bacon pieces & cook in previous fat/grease that is left & the seasoning. As the bacon is cooking, add the rest of the sugars to the pot with everything else. When the bacon is finished, add to pot & let simmer.
  8. Enjoy with saltine crackers.

Chef’s Note: “Fucking copyrighted”

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