Sun Tea

Submitted by star2fire


1 gal purified water 8 Lipton tea bags
1 c. sugar


  1. Sun Tea by switcherMark on FlickrDrink some of the water from the jug to make room for the tea bags. Put the tea bags down in the jug & put the lid back on the jug. 
  2. Put the whole jug out in the yard somewhere sunny & leave it there for about 8 hours.
  3. When you bring it in, take the tea bags out. You might need to pour out a little bit more to make room for the sugar. 
  4. Add sugar while the tea is still warm because the sugar will dissolve nicely in the warm tea.
  5. Shake it until the sugar disappears, then put it in the fridge & let it chill down. Enjoy!

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